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Master's degree in Thermal Engineering

Requirements for Access certifications

The most suitable educational backgrounds are graduates in industrial and aerospace engineering, but graduates in physics, chemistry, or mathematics are also eligible.

The most suitable previous training profiles are graduates coming from the following degrees:

    • Degree in mechanical engineering
    • Degree in energy engineering
    • Degree in aerospace vehicle engineering
    • Degree in industrial technology engineering
    • Degree in aerospace engineering technologies
Degrees prior to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
    • Industrial technical engineering, specializing in mechanics
    • Industrial engineering
    • Aeronautical engineering
    • Aeronautical technical engineering
Students coming from mechanical or thermo-energetic degrees or bachelor's degrees, their academic records will be analyzed by the Master's Academic Committee and it will be determined whether they need to take complementary courses.
These complements are subjects of the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering that can be taught in Catalan and/or Spanish. Therefore, non-Spanish-speaking students will be required to accredit a certificate of Spanish level B2 or equivalent. Complementary courses must be taken and passed during the first academic year and can be taken together with master's degree subjects. 

Specific entry requirements


Allocation of places criteria

A rating will be assigned to each applicant taking into account the following weighting:

  • 60% Academic record
  • 15% correspondence of the student entry degree competences with the competences of this Master's degree.
  • 15% English level
  • 10% professional experience.

You can consult all the information about pre-enrolment for ETSEIB master's degrees in the web section: