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MASTER studies. Students previously enroled

This page contains all the information you need for your enrolment

Check the day and hour of enrolment at e-Secretaria

Available from July 18, 2023.

July 20 and 21, 2023

Check the academic information

Check your potential enrolment at e-Secretaria

Available from July 18, 2023.


Before the enrolment

If you did not enrol in 2022/23-2 semester, then check the procedure Enrolment Autorisation.

If you want to change the dedication (part-time or full-time) then make a request at e-Secretaria.

If you want to enrol more credits that allowed, then make a request at e-Secretaria. (if your request is not solved before enrolment, go ahead with the enrolment and the modification will be managed afterwards).

If you want to pay via direct debits or to fraction payment, then check How to manage direct debits or fractioned payment

Check the information about tuition feesmodalities of paymentscholarships i discounts of enrolment.



Available from the assigned day and time until July 28, 2023. If you enrol the Master's Final Thesis until September 29, 2023.

Have in mind that, in order to guarantee the progression of studies, when enroling new courses of any year it is necessary that the enrolment also includes all the mandatory courses you failed (marked < 4), not attended or not enroled in previous academic years taught at this period.

Courses partially passed (Laboratory passed)
Students enroling for a second time who have passed laboratory part of the course can keep the given mark of laboratory by enroling the course in generic groups 10, 20, 30...

It is necessary to check the 'guia docent' of the courses in order to validate the conditions in which the mark of laboratory is mantained.

Extension of master thesis spring semester of previous year

Those students who enroled the master thesis in the spring semester 2022/23 academic year and did not make the defense are entitled to make a request of extension of master thesis via Demana from July 3 to 14.

After enrolment

Variations of enrolment until September 15, 2023.

Once enrolment has been done, due to exceptional and duly justified reasons, it is possible to make the procedure to request:

Start of classes

14 September



      On-site SIAE (Students Information Service). ETSEIB building. Ground Floorfrom Monday to Friday from 11am to 1:30pm.


    mousse-icon.png  On-line: Demana ETSEIB(open in new window)


    tel  Telephone: 

    Academic support to enrolment in Catalan or Spanish: 93 401 56 54. The days of enrolment from 9h to 14h.
    Academic support to enrolment in English: 93 401.59 27. The days of enrolment from 9h to 14h.
    Technical issues of the enrolment application: 93 401 25 00 - 93 401 62 13 from 8h a 21 h.