Guia Docent de l'ETSEIB


Master's Degrees

Master's Degree in Automatic Control and Robotics [2012]
Master's Degree in Automotive Engineering [2012]
Master's Degree in Energy Engineering [2013]
Thermal Energy     Electrical Energy     Energy Management     Renewable Energies    
Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering (MUEI)
Mechanics     Biomedical     Automatic     Electrical     Electronic     Materials     Industrial Scheduling     Chemistry     Structures and Building     Energy    
Master's Degree in Management Engineering [2012]
Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering
Master's Degree in Supply Chain, Transport and Mobility Management (SCTM)
Supply Chain     Transport and Mobility    
Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering [2019]
Motors and mechanics     Electromobility     Connected vehicle and driver assistance    

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