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Applications MSc programmes

 Admission procedures



  • Spring semester: From 1st November to 10th December (Only Master in Industrial Engineering and the Double Masters in Automatic control and Robotics, Management Engineering and Nuclear Engineering). 
  • Autumn semester: From February to May


  • To access the master's degree studies it is necessary to apply through online application - UPC Admissions - uploading the required documents. To validate the request it is necessary to enter information for every field and pay the fees 30,21€ (online or by credit card). "General information about UPC" on this page.


  • Double Master information: To take a double master degree you have to apply only in the double master, paying the corresponding tax of 30,21€. However, we would like to inform that if you were not admitted in the double master, you wouldn't be admitted either to the Master in Industrial Engineering nor in the Master in Automatic and Robotics. So if you are interested in taking any ETSEIB master, we suggest that you also apply to another master. Bear in mind that all Master's resolutions are published at the same time. 


  • Specialties: Remember to request diferent options in the following Masters: 

Master in Industrial Engineering (three specialties) 

Master in Energy Engineering:  (four specialties) 

Master in Automotive Engineering: (three specialties)

Make sure that for double Masters your first choice is the one corresponding to the thematic master.

  •  Important:  The original documents must have to be delivered at the ETSEIB the day of enrolment. The documents have to be translated into English or Spanish, legalized and bearing the corresponding apostille (if applicable).


  • The Academic Commission of the master’s degrees meets at the end of December (spring semester) or the first fortnight of June (autumn semester), and taking into consideration the admission criteria established in every master, admits or not the requests received. The admitted candidates have to read over every master if they have to do additional credits to complete their training:



Provisional listing of candidates accepted and excluded. 

  • By the middle of January (Spring semester) or at the end of June (Autumn semester)  a provisional listing of candidates accepted and excluded will be published: "Titulacions: Màsters Universitaris" (obriu en una finestra nova) . Students will be also informed by e-mail through the applicative. 

Student acceptance

  • Students admitted have to accept or refuse through the online application. Once accepted, an e-mail will be sent, informing about the payment of 300€ as an advance of enrolment. 
  • After receiving the e-mail students will have 7 days to do the payment. A letter of acceptance will be issued for non-EU students.
  • This amount will be deducted from the enrolment fee when you officially enroll, but if you do not enroll you will not be entitled to a refund unless the master’s degree is canceled.  You can get more information in "General information about UPC" on this page.
  • Important: We don’t  send advanced admissions confirmation either pre-admission letters, before the student's acceptance and the payment in advance of 300€,  to give equal opportunities in the pre-application process.


Definitive listing of candidates accepted and excluded. 


  • At the end of January (Spring semester) or by the middle of July (Autumn semester) the definitive listing listing of candidates accepted and excluded will be published: "Titulacions: Màsters universitaris" ” (obriu en una finestra nova) . Students will be also informed by e-mail through the applicative. 


  • Master fees: Consult the UPC website.



Check the frequently asked questions in this document


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Morning: from Monday to Friday 11.00 to 13.30 

Afternoon: Tuesday 15.30 to 18.00

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