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Application for the Title and the European Supplement to the Title

General information

Once you have completed your degree and met the necessary requirements, you can request that the official degree certificate and Diploma Supplement (DS) be issued.


The DS is a document in Catalan, Spanish and English that provides information on the degree awarded, describing its nature, level, context and content. It facilitates academic and professional recognition of graduates within Europe, making it easier for them to move between European countries for work or further study.



How to request the Title and the SET:

Once your academic record is final and your academic record status in the e-Secretaria is “graduate”, you may apply for the degree certificate and DS to be issued.

There are two ways to submit an application:


  • For students of Spanish nationality, original and photocopy of a valid Spanish national identity card (DNI). No other form of identification will be accepted.
  • For foreign students, original and photocopy of a valid passport.


The official fee for issuing these documents must be paid by credit card at the SIAE, online via the e-Secretaria, or at any branch of La Caixa, Caixa d’Enginyers or Banco Santander.

You can check the fees that apply at the UPC’s Academic Management Service.


Applying in person

  • The person concerned must go to the SIAE to check the application details and sign the document generated. The personal details provided must match those indicated on the student’s national identity card (or passport in the case of foreign students).
  • If the application is submitted by an authorised person, he/she must present an authorisation document bearing an original signature of the person concerned, together with originals and photocopies of the valid identity cards or passports of both the person concerned and the authorised person. The SIAE will give the authorised person the application to request that a degree certificate/DS be issued so that he/she can send it to the applicant, who should review and sign the document. The application must bear the original signature of the person concerned. (Photocopied or scanned signatures are not valid.)
  • Payment of the application fee for the degree certificate and DS. Once the fee has been paid and proof of payment has been returned, the SIAE will provide the person concerned or the authorised person with a provisional degree certificate and a provisional (that are valid in Spain). The provisional degree certificate has the same validity as an original copy of the degree certificate until the latter has been issued. To receive a document that can be legalised (and is valid abroad), you must request a provisional degree certificate from the Academic Management Service.



By post:

Graduates who live outside the province of Barcelona may request that the provisional degree certificate be sent to the address provided on their application.

  • To request that the certificate be sent by post, the person concerned should visit the DemanaUPC–ETSEIB online support service, complete and print the application form provided, and send it to the SIAE by post, together with a photocopy of the applicant’s valid national identity card (for applicants of Spanish nationality) or passport (for applicants of foreign nationality). The application must bear the original signature of the person concerned. (Scanned or photocopied signatures are not valid.).
  • If the applicant logs into the DemanaUPC–ETSEIB online support service using his/her UPC credentials, the documents can be sent via the DemanaUPC–ETSEIB service.
  • When the SIAE receives the application, it will issue a payment slip for the applicable fee and send it to the person concerned via the DemanaUPC–ETSEIB online support service or give it directly to an authorised person.
  • When the fee has been paid, proof of payment must be sent via the DemanaUPC–ETSEIB online support service. The document proving that the fee has been paid shall in no case serve as a valid provisional degree certificate. The process of issuing a degree will not be initiated until the applicant returns the proof of payment to the SIAE.
  • When proof of payment has been received, a degree certificate will be requested, and a provisional degree certificate and a provisional DS will be issued.
  • Finally, the SIAE will send the person concerned a degree confirmation letter via the DemanaUPC–ETSEIB online support service.


 When your degree certificate or DS is received

Steps to take

When the SIAE has received your degree certificate, you will be notified by e-mail at the address on record in the e-Secretaria. It is important to make sure that your e-mail address and other details are kept up to date.

For further details, see the information provided in the section Collecting a degree certificate or Diploma Supplement.