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Digital deposit Final theses

To deposit your final thesis, you must first complete the authorisation-to-publish form.

Notice re. COVID-19 

Procedures may be modified in line with any new measures introduced by government and/or university authorities. Check for updates and make sure you review the information available on the ETSEIB website before making any decisions:

All information and notices concerning exceptional measures taken at the UPC and the ETSEIB in response to the ongoing health emergency can be found at: :


General information:

Since the 2018-2019 academic year, bachelor's and master's theses have been submitted online via the ETSEIB final thesis application.



How to deposit your thesis

Final thesis application

Enter the ETSEIB Final thesis application using your UPC intranet login credentials:

  • Select the Final thesis list menu.






Authorisation to publish your final thesis

Before submitting your final thesis, you must complete the authorisation-to-publish form.

  • Clicck on Dissemination.
  • Complete the authorisation-to-disseminate form and save it in PDF format.
  • Print the document.
  • Give the signed form to the examination committee on the day of your thesis defence.


Digital deposit of final theses

To deposit your final thesis, you must first complete the authorisation-to-publish form.


  • Click on Dissemination.
  • Publish the document containing your thesis report in PDF format. Do not include appendices in the report.
  • If your thesis has appendices, publish them in PDF format. If you have more than one file to attach, combine them in a zip file.
  • Save the deposit by clicking on Save.


After you have submitted yout thesis, it must be academically approved by your thesis supervisor or tutor.

If your thesis does not receive academic approval, you may submit the modified documents within the period stipulated in the bachelor’s or master’s thesis calendar. Given that you may have to make changes to your documents, we recommend that you deposit your thesis well before the deadline.