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Collecting Degree Certificate or European Supplement to Degree Certificate (ESDC).


General Information:


When the SIAE has received an official degree certificate, the person concerned will be notified and told how to collect it. The notification will be sent to the e-mail address that the person concerned provided on his/her application. If this e-mail has changed, it must be updated in the e-Secretaria in the section [My details > Personal details > Change personal e-mail address]. 


It is only possible to collect a degree certificate if the person concerned has previously requested that one be issued.


How to collect the Degree Certificate or ESDC:

Collecting a degree certificate or DS at the ETSEIB

Steps to take

The person concerned must collect his/her degree certificate from the SIAE during office hours. If the document must be collected by someone other than the person concerned, that person must present an authorisation of a power of attorney (original or certified copy ).

Before your degree certificate is handed over, the recipient will have to sign the official record book and a document confirming receipt of the degree.


  • Valid national identity card (DNI) or passport (in the case of foreign students)
  • Provisional degree certificate


You may pick up your degree certificate any time after receiving the e-mail notification from the SIAE. The document will be kept at the ETSEIB until you come in to collect it.


Collecting a degree certificate or DS at a government office

People who are living outside Barcelona province can request for Degree Certificate delivery at official dependencies as delegation or government subdelegation, and embassies o Spanish consulates abroad.

  • When the SIAE has received the application to pick up your degree certificate at a government office and proof of payment of the corresponding fee, your degree certificate or DS will be sent to the government office indicated on your application.