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Master in Energy Engineering



Requirements for Access certifications

 You can have Access:

Without additional acces credits:

  • Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  • Degree in Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

With additional acces credits:

  • Technical Engineering in Mechanical , Electricity and Chemical
  • Degrees in Fisics and Chemistry
  • Technical and Scientific Degrees such as Industrial Electronic Engineering, Architecture and Building, Environmental Engineering, Natural Resources, Geology and Mining.



Specific entry requirement

  • English level B2.2.and Spanish level B1 (for non Spanish speaking students)(Spanish teaching itinerary)
  • Academic record.
  • Degree diploma, the proof of having paid the rights of issue or certificate that certifies that the title obtained has a duration of at least 3 years, and that allows access to postgraduate studies (master’s degree) in the country of origin.
  • Full documentation required:


Allocation of places criteria

A rating will be assigned to each applicant taking into account the following weighting:

  • 60% Academic record
  • 15% correspondence of the student entry degree competences with the competences of this Master's degree.
  • 15% English level
  • 10% professional experience.