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Master in Energy Engineering



Requirements for Access certifications

 You can have Access:

Without additional access credits

      •  Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
      •  Degree in Materials Engineering
      •  Degree in Chemical Engineering
      •  Degree in Energy Engineering
      •  Degree in Mechanical Engineering
      •  Degree in Electrical Engineering

With additional access credits


  • Technical Engineering in Mechanical , Electricity and Chemical
  • Degrees in Fisics and Chemistry
  • Technical and Scientific Degrees such as Industrial Electronic Engineering, Architecture and Building, Environmental Engineering, Natural Resources, Geology and Mining.
These complements are subjects of the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering that can be taught in Catalan and/or Spanish. Therefore, non-Spanish-speaking students will be required to accredit a certificate of Spanish level B2 or equivalent. Complementary courses must be taken and passed during the first academic year, and can be taken together with master's degree subjects. 



Specific entry requirement


Allocation of places criteria

A rating will be assigned to each applicant taking into account the following weighting:

  • 60% Academic record
  • 15% correspondence of the student entry degree competences with the competences of this Master's degree.
  • 15% English level
  • 10% professional experience.