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Master's degree in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation

Requirements for Access certifications

The most suitable previous training profiles are graduates and degree holders in Engineering, related to acquired at least a basic multidisciplinary knowledge of fields such as instrumentation, electronics, mechanics, informatics and discrete-time control. 

Not required to take any additional courses

 Holders of the following degrees:   

      • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology Engineering.
      • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics.
      • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering.
      • Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.

 Compulsory to take additional courses

 Holders of the following degrees:

        • Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Systems Engineering.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
        • Bachelor’s degree in Physics.
        • Other engineering degrees or equivalent pre-EHEA degrees.
These complements are subjects of the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering that can be taught in Catalan and/or Spanish. Therefore, non-Spanish-speaking students will be required to accredit a certificate of Spanish level B2 or equivalent. Complementary courses must be taken and passed during the first academic year and can be taken together with master's degree subjects. 


Specific entry requirements


Allocation of places criteria

A rating will be assigned to each applicant taking into account the following weighting:

  • 60% Academic record
  • 20% correspondence of the student entry-degree competencies with the competencies of this Master's degree.
  • 10% English level, a level above the required B2.2 
  • 10% professional experience.