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Q2. MASTER studies. New access students

This page contains all the information you need for your enrolment

Documents for enrolment

Students holders of the bachelor's degree in a UPC school are waived to handle any document.

For the rest of the students, the ORIGINAL documents or with digital signature, and a copy of these documents must be submitted to the Information Students Service (SIAE) before the enrolment:

        • Photocopy of DNI, NIE, EU national ID document or passport.
        • Currículum Vitae.
        • Certificate of English language (B2 level) (Table of valid language certificates).
        • Official transcript of records containing the list of courses and their marks, together with the number of credits/ hours and the average mark.
        • Degree giving access to the master's degree or proof that the issuing of the degree has been made.

IMPORTANT: All documents issued outside the European Higher Education Area must be legalized via the diplomatic procedure and must have an apostille.

If you intend to make a change to your identity document (DNI, NIE, EU national ID, passport), please remind to upload the document at Document input in e-Secretaria.

Check the documents to deliver for discounts of enrolment and upload them in Document input in e-Secretaria.

Academic information for your enrolment

Check the day/time of your enrolment the day before at Enrolment - Enrolment conditions at e-Secretaria.

Things you should know before the enrolment

If you plan to pay by direct debit or to split your payment please check How to proceed to pay by direct debit or split your payment.

How much it will cost? Do you have the possibility of a scholarship? How do I have to pay?

The enrolment must be completed and paid for every semester. An amount of 300€ (advance payment) will be reduced on your enrolment.

IMPORTANT - students with scholarship must have enrolment finished before February 16, 2024.

Online enrolment at e-Secretaria

February 15, 2024

Proceed for enrolment on the assigned day/time at your e-Secretaria.

Select the dedication to Full Time in the master's degree program.

Admitted master's students that have to undertake complementary subjects, according to the definitive admission resolution, must pass the complementary subjects during the first academic year of the master's.

New access students must pass at least 15 ECTS during the first year at ETSEIB-UPC. Check the information about
Permanence and Evaluation (in catalan).

Welcome session

Day: February 14 at 12pm - online

Place: Online session in catalan

Information guide on calendars and schedules (catalan)

Guide on Digital Resources (Atenea, e-Secretaria, Demana) in catalan

UPC student card

The UPC student card identifies you as a member of the university community. It is digital and available at the UPC App. It allows you to enjoy discounts and advantages, access to UPC libraries, and to some of its services (loan books, tablets...)

You can upload your photo.

Check more information at Identitat Digital UPC.

    Start of classes

    February 19, 2024


      Face-to-face SIAE: Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 1.30pm and Tuesdays from 3pm to 5.30pm.


    mousse-icon.png  On-line: Demana ETSEIB


    tel  Telephone: 

    Academic support to enrolment in Catalan or Spanish: 93 401 56 54. The days of enrolment from 9am to 2pm
    Academic support to enrolment in English: 93 401.59 27. The days of enrolment from 9am to 2pm
    Technical issues of the enrolment application: 93 401 25 00 - 93 401 62 13 from 8am to 9pm