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Nous esdeveniments virtuals d'Amazon Student Programs el 21 i 23 de setembre

L'equip d'Amazon Student Programs vol convidar a l'estudiantat a assistir als seus pròxims esdeveniments virtuals els dies 21 i 23 de setembre, inclosos un taller de CV i entrevistes i un Women’s Event Series que tractarà el tema de la Marca personal i com distingir-se.

CV & Interview Skills Workshop – 21 September, 2-3pm (BST)

  • Interested in improving your CV and interview skills?
  • Join our virtual livestream designed to help students build their CV & interview skills and learn hints and tips directly from our recruiters. You will have a chance to find out about Amazon's interview format and ways to prepare, and you will gain information about different roles available at Amazon.
  • We will finish with an open Q&A, where we welcome questions from participants.
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Monthly Women's Event Series: Personal Branding & How to Make Yourself Stand Out -  23 September, 12-1pm (BST)

  • This webinar is targeted at women studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in EMEA. The session will focus on personal branding tips, and how to make yourself stand out in the recruitment process and in the workplace. The session will finish with the opportunity to ask questions to our Amazon panel.
  • During the session, we will also share with you our top application and interview tips.
  • This webinar will be delivered by Amazonians from different parts of the business and will be hosted in English.
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