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Robotic Solutions for CERN Accelerator Harsh Environments

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18/03/2020 des de/d' 12:00"
Aula 28.8 de l'ETSEIB
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Ponència a càrrec de Mario di Castro,Section Leader of the Mechatronics, Robotics and Operations Section (EN-SMM-MRO) at CERN. El 18 de març a les 12 h a l'Aula 28.8 de l'ETSEIB.

Nowadays, intelligent robotic systems are becoming essential for industry and harsh environments, such as the CERN accelerator complex. Aiming to increase safety and machine availability, robots can help perform repetitive and dangerous tasks which humans either prefer to avoid or are unable to do because of hazards, size constraints or the extreme environments in which they take place, such as outer space or radioactive experimental areas. Several robotics solutions have been applied in the past years at CERN, as well as custom made robotic devices. New ideas and solution could come in the close future to increase safety of CERN personnel decreasing radiation dose taken. Current and future research and development in robotics at CERN are described, as well as the results from the commissioning of various novel robotic controls. The need of improvements and new developments, that could be reached thanks to future master thesis work, will be also presented.