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Seminari de recerca: "Introduction to Multithreading/Multiprocessing Programming"

Research Seminar for PhD and Master Students. Guest Lecturer Christian Madritsch

13/06/2022 des de/d' 10:00"
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The special lecture "Multithreading/Multiprocessing" gives an overview of current technologies to develop parallel, concurrent software on multicore and multiprocessor systems. The lecture begins with a general definition of the relevant terms. Next, traditional multithreading concepts are presented. Here, synchronisation and Inter-Process Communication (IPC) are also mentioned. The next part on OpenMP shows an automatic way to accelerate the computation of algorithms on a single machine. In addition, the topic of Message Passing Interface (MPI) shows similar concepts for systems in a network. Finally, parallel programming using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) is depicted. The lecture includes several programming demonstrations and can also be extended to hands-on activities (if hardware/software is available).

13/06/2022 - Aula LS6/ETSEIB

  • 10 h -14 h: Practical session with PC

  • 15 h -19 h: Discussion and personal interview with the Guest Lecturer

CV of the Guest Lecturer Christian Madritsch

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences; Villach, Austria; Professor of Computer Science and Real-Time Systems. Research focuses on applied informatics in image and signal processing, distributed dependable real-time systems, and automotive bus systems. Teaching focus on computer science, embedded software, DSP applications, bus systems, and real-time systems.

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